Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Security Benefits by Comodo

While unknown files are in containment, the files are immediately analyzed in the cloud by threat intelligence without interrupting the end user. 

  • Active Breach Prevention Protects Your Data
  • Report a Reduction Total Number of Incidents
  • Best Malware Protection for Ransomeware
  • Lightweight Agent with Cloud Delivered Updates 

Endpoint Protection Includes:

  • 24 hr expert analysis of more sophisticated threats.
  • Set Email and SMS notifications to reduce reaction time.
  •  Cloud native architecture.
  •  Apply our security policy based on threat behavior analytics.
  • Detect 100% of unknown file-less threats.
  • Forward traffic using our intuitive agent.
  •  Integrate with a SIEM to expand into more advanced security.
  • Tracks malicious processes taking place on your endpoints.
  •  Early warning, detection and post-detection visualization.
  •  Intelligent unknown file analysis.

Endpoint Protection and Response

Continuous real-time visibility of your endpoints with detection & response. Your IT team will be able to identify attacks with the accurate root-cause analysis for effective remediation intelligence.

Protect endpoints against 100% of unknown threats without impacting user productivity.

Combination of machine learning and human expert analysis gives your verdict in 45 seconds.

Once Advanced Endpoint Protection is deployed it won’t heavily impact endpoint performance.

Stay Ahead to Stop Cyber Attacks
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